Bingo Mania Review

Bingo Mania Review

Introducing Bingo Mania

Voted the number one bingo website for online games, Bingo Mania has been running for more than ten years (founded in 1996) and has gone from strength to strength as online bingo has grown. The website’s self-proclaimed aims are to offer players plenty of fun in a fair and secure environment that is friendly to players across all of the associated sites and brands. The site hosts a blog which allows players to air any views they might have about the site and the games, and to ask questions of the Game Masters.

Games and Playing

Bingo Mania is friendly to new and seasoned bingo players alike. The site’s team of dedicated Game Masters are on hand to answer any questions that players may have, and there are detailed get-started guides. The site makes playing bingo games as simple and straightforward as possible. As numbers are called, players daub away the numbers displayed on their cards, or can make use of the auto-daubing option. Players can choose from 75 Ball Bingo, in which players try to match numbers in special patterns on their cards. There are prizes and progressive jackpots up for grabs. Once a player has bingo, they click the ‘Claim’ button located beneath the bingo callboard. If the player’s result is not valid, a sound will play and the game will continue – fortunately, incorrectly calling bingo doesn’t disqualify players from playing the game (and winning). If your claim is correct, you will be selected as the winner.

Jackpots and Bonuses

Bingo Mania is certainly the right place for players who want to win big: the casino pays out more than $7.5 million in cash prizes every month. Many of the players who frequent the site report that the bonuses are one of the most positive aspects of the site, with plenty of opportunities for truly big wins. The site is fair, with clear rules and real prizes. Bingo Mania offers players the chance to win progressive jackpots, or Big Bingo Jackpots, which is a big cash prize that rolls over until a player claims it. The figure of the progressive jackpot for every 75-Ball and 90-Ball Bingo room is displayed directly beneath the board, and players can claim the jackpot if they match the pattern that is being played in a particular number of calls (the max number of calls is displayed under the pattern board). In a 90 Ball Bingo room, players can win the jackpot if they complete all of the three lines on a bingo card within 40 calls.

Security and Privacy

Keeping all transactions secure and private is absolutely vital to any good bingo website. Bingo Mania assigns every player a unique PIN and an access code in the form of a user ID chosen by the bingo software. Players register online and provide financial details through fully encrypted servers supported by the highly secure SSL protocol. The site is also partnered with Thawte, who offer complete security for all e-commerce transactions around the world.

Conclusion: Bingo Mania is one of the world’s biggest and best online bingo websites, offering plenty of fun options for amateur and serious bingo players.

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