Chase the Cheese Slot Game

If chasing the cheese has the capability of making someone earn money, then why let the mouse alone to do the chasing. Indeed this one of the crazy slots available for play in the gaming industry. Due to this feature, the game is instantly likeable to any player that tries it out. Its layout is quite different from those of many other slots that are generally experienced in the market. The theme of game as probably expected focuses on a mouse and his cheese. This game not only gives one a chance to make money but it also takes them back to the memories of the olden days.

The sound settings of this game are generally similar to those found in a normal casino style slot. The game is a progressive jackpot. It has nine winning paylines and four reels that can be played at several different casinos. 16 visible symbols are always found on the reels.

Reel symbols

The symbols found in the reels are different and range from cherries to the jackpot symbol. The symbols above are arranged from that with the lowest value to that the highest value. There is also the bonus icon that is regarded as the chase the cheese symbol. The other symbol is the wild symbol that is clearly visible to the players. This symbol is able to substitute all the other reel symbols with the exception of only the jackpot symbol.

Winning the Jackpot

The jackpot symbol value currently stands between 900 – 1000 coins but is expected to increase as time goes. This jackpot can be won any time by any player who is betting their maximum. For one to win the jackpot they need the four of the top valued symbols to appear in one spin of the reels. The symbols should appear over any of the active paylines.

Bonus Round

When the bonus round is triggered, the player is required to guide the mouse through the house. As he or she is guiding it, they should strive as much as possible to collect the much cheese they can before exiting through the mouse hole. If one collects all cheese at the level they were playing, then they rewarded with additional bonuses.

While guiding the mouse and collecting the cheese, there are a lot of obstacles encountered that need to be avoided. These obstacles include the spider, bats, mousetraps, cats, holes and toy mice. There is also a time limit and a maximum of three different levels that the player could try so as to win as many prizes as possible. On exiting the mouse hole, the bonus round ends and the player reverts back to spinning the reels in a bid to try and do it all over again.

Betting Options

One has the options of betting all the way from 0.05 coins to 225 coins. This is indeed a wide range of betting options. Due to this feature, the game is surely one of the most popular BetSoft games. Every player that plays it can attest to its great deal of fun.


Chase the cheese slot game is not only a game for people intending to win money but also for those wishing to experience fun moments and exciting experiences

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