Female Fans More Intelligent Than Males


It’s official: female sports fans have a higher average IQ score than their male counterparts. This has been a heated debate amongst sports fans, but HowtoBet.com has finally settled the score for good. 

HowToBet recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 sports fans and tested them in four different categories of intelligence. The four categories that were studied were verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, logical reasoning, and visual reasoning.

When it comes to the results, males and females each had a higher score in two of the four categories. The overall IQ scores were much different, though, and it was females that had the highest score. 

Female sports fans had an average IQ score of 109.6 in this study, while males came in with a score of 105.5. This does not mean that males don’t know more about sports than females, but they aren’t as smart when it comes to overall intelligence. 

The two categories that females scored the highest in were verbal intelligence and visual reasoning. Males led the way in mathematical ability and logical reasoning. 

Before sports fans were chosen to take part in this study, they had to confirm that they followed at least one sport or one team out of the top six professional US sports. Fans of all ages and backgrounds were chosen for this study, with a near equal split of males and females. 

WWE Fans Top the Charts

Along with this study determining that female sports fans are smarter than males, it was also revealed that fans of WWE have the highest average IQ score. WWE has a much older following as most of its fans have been following the sport since they were little kids.

The average IQ score of WWE fans surveyed for this study was 112.6. This number was just slightly ahead of the NHL as those fans had an average IQ score of 112.3. 

Other sports failed to really even compete with the WWE and NHL as these fans took first place in all four of the categories. Fans of the WWE had the highest average IQ score in the categories of verbal intelligence and logical reasoning. 

The National Hockey League fans led the way in the categories of mathematical ability and visual reasoning but finished in third place in the other two categories. 

The NBA and NFL were able to break into the top two in logical reasoning and verbal intelligence, respectively.

Not a Good Look For NASCAR

The general perception in the United States is that fans of NASCAR are not that intelligent, and the results of this study seem to prove that. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some racing fans with a high IQ, but this study simply did not find those people.

The average IQ for a NASCAR fan was just 95.2, which was easily the lowest average score out of the six sports that were a part of this survey. In fact, NASCAR was the only sport that did not have a score of over 100.

Major League Baseball fans were actually fifth on the list with an average IQ score of 101.3. The National Football League was fourth on the list with an average IQ of 105.9.

These results won’t make fans of the NFL or MLB happy, but this is a much tougher blow for NASCAR fans. Apparently, it does not take that much intelligence to watch cars go around a track in circles for hours at a time. 

NASCAR fans scored the fourth-highest average in logical reasoning but were dead last in the other three categories. 

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