Online Bingo Games and Bingo Rules

Casino betting has a long ago history as it was started in late nineteenth century and now it has spread over the world. Europe is known best for gambling and most of gamblers love to visit European casinos. You can enjoy and explore many diverse games in casinos such as poker, slots, blackjack and bingo. In United Kingdom, bingo was formerly known as housey or housie. It was 1500s when this game was played for the first time in Italy. Now people suppose that this game was then migrated towards Great Britain, France, and other European estates in 1700s. This game is also dependent on luck for most of the time and players have to mark off some numbers on tickets for choosing a winning combination randomly.

Historical evidences show that bingo is an advanced or modified form of Italian lottery named as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. It was then played by French aristocracy as Le Lotto. Now bingo has also made its place in education field. People of Germany in nineteenth century are using bingo for teaching of multiplication and spelling tables to their children. They are even using it to teach history. In recent past bingo was only played at casinos but now the world of technology has changed and people are able to explore bingo on their computers and mobiles.

For exploring bingo on your computer or mobile you need to have an active fast internet connection. There are many online websites that are offering online casino and bingo games. You just have to sign up once and get you username and password. Moreover, you also need to download a shot application for enjoying bingo at your computer or mobile. Such applications don’t exceed five hundred kilo bytes and thus don’t make your system slow. In addition you are also gifted with some bonus credits. You can use these credits to enjoy free bets without taking risk of your own pocket.

While considering withdrawal, you are just allowed to withdraw the winning sums. You are not eligible to withdraw signup bonus. In online bingo games, your cards are selected randomly. In most online bingo games, you are allotted with three or four cards. But other games allow you to take more cards. You can see a display board or a caller for bingo numbers in each online bingo version. Moreover, you can also see the game pattern on your screen though these boards. In some cases the online gaming versions automatically blot the figures on your card.

The three most popular patterns of online bingo games include the static bingo or normal bingo patterns, crazy patterns and the wild patterns. In static version you are not allowed to move or shift pattern on bingo card. You only win when you get marked for every square. In crazy pattern bingo you are allowed to rotate pattern up to ninety degrees. While coming towards wild bingo pattern you can find scattered patterns.

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