Top Strategies for Playing at Live Casinos

The internet now offers more options than ever before for eager gamblers – there is a casino to suit every player, no matter their preferences or gaming style. Playing at live casinos can seem daunting.


Live poker offers the advantage of being able to spot tells which will help you to make decisions about your hand. There are some crucial tells you can look out for. For example, if a player stares right at you, this is often a way of bluffing and shows that the player is trying to intimidate you. Alternatively, players who look away or avoid eye contact may be attempting to look as if they have a weak hand. Other betting patterns can be telling: pay attention to the speed at which bets are placed, how players raise based on their starting hands, and how much players raise when they show down cards after raising before the flop.


Online casinos are a great venue for many games, but when it comes to roulette you should avoid playing on a digital roulette wheel – instead, whether you’re in an online or a physical casino, you should always choose to play using a live wheel.

For those who are new to the game, it’s tempting to opt for outside bets in roulette – they look appealing because they spread across a greater area of potential wins. The outside bets are spread over a color (this makes the odds seem strong because there are only two colors to select from), or the first dozen, second dozen or third dozen. However, bets on these are money wasted: on the sectors of the roulette wheel, you stand a greater chance of winning on the inside bets.

Ignore any pattern of numbers from the wheel, and don’t allow yourself to be influenced by the bets of other players. The important clues will come from the dealer and the wheel. Once you begin to play with a live croupier and live wheel, you will likely develop a strategy. If it works well more often than not, stick to it – constantly changing up the system every few rounds will actually decrease your likelihood of winning. Finally, remember the most important strategy for the live wheel: decide a limit before you start to play, and leave once you have reached it.


When playing live blackjack, the best way to win is practice, practice, practice. Set a budget before you begin, and never lose more money than you can afford. Try varying bets according to the results you get – increase only when you’re winning. Make a wide selection of your table – you should choose a table that demands a minimum bet that doesn’t exceed 5% of the bankroll. Use card counting carefully – you should only choose the insurance if you’re truly confident in your skills.

Playing in live casinos is exciting and potentially lucrative, as long as you know your limits and watch your money. For games of chance, avoid looking for patterns that are simply coincidence; for games of skill, start cautiously and develop a method of play using small bets.

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